VetIF Applicants


The 2024 Cadre of fellows has been selected. We will be posting application materials and explicit program requirements for the 2025 Cadre during the summer of 2024. Our anticipated application cycle will be as follows:

  • July call for applicants
  • Late August application close
  • September review cycle and selection
  • September/October offers extended
  • Late October award announcement

Who should apply: All STEM-focused prior enlisted veteran undergraduates that will be attending COMPASS member institutions full time in 2025. Applicants should have an interest in basic & applied research in one of the following: advanced materials, complex systems, network science, machine learning, computational modelling, or next generation manufacturing.

Applicants will be required to provide a completed application packet (applicant information; several short form essays), all civilian transcripts and military training records, a resume or CV, a statement of understanding, and a media release form (so we can highlight our Fellows and their achievements). These requirements will be provided along with all application materials on this website in the summer of 2024.

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