Center for Complex Particle Systems (COMPASS)

Our center makes, measures, and models complex materials from molecular, nano, and microscale components combining order and disorder to establish simple chemical pathways to resource-conscious, multifunctional and intelligent materials for a sustainable and healthy future.  By bridging the theory of graphs, physics of networks, science of particles, and examples of evolution, we create the foundations of their engineering and develop its diverse global practitioners.

Using materials as a launching pad, we create the foundation of a system-based approach to complex dynamic matter to find solutions for technological, medical and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow. 

To understand, quantify, and demystify complexity of the technological, biological, and environmental systems comprised from heterogeneous and polydisperse components with collective interactions affecting physical, chemical, and biological properties.

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This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Award No. 2243104.

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