Veterans Program

Veterans Innovation Fellowship Program

At COMPASS we are trying to reinvent how we approach material science. We envision a world where we can do more with less. A critical component of this work is transferring knowledge while training future technical leaders. Specifically, we are building an exceptional program to provide outstanding mentorship and cutting-edge research skills to US veteran students in STEM discipline through our Veterans Innovation Fellowship (VetIF) program.

The VetIF program is currently seeking industry partners to (1) help us build a truly unique veteran talent pipeline where the participants are fully trained in both basic and applied research, (2) develop a streamlined path to veteran internships in applied research within your organization, and (3) work with us and our network of more than 3000 veterans across 8 university campuses. Our student veterans routinely develop skills in areas like machine learning, synthesis & catalysis 3D printing/additive manufacturing, computation & prediction, and assessing complexity in materials. If supporting our fellowship and growing network of hundreds of veteran students in STEM disciplines would be aligned with your mission and values, please contact us to discuss our program.

OVERVIEW. COMPASS exists to tightly integrate research, education, and knowledge transfer. The VetIF program is a critical component of this work, blending basic research experience during the school year with applied research internships through industry partnerships during the summer. VetIF is a first-of-its-kind program centered around providing total support and training to undergraduate veteran students in STEM disciplines within the center. In addition to ensuring a workforce well versed in several modalities for innovation, it was also founded to bridge the most critical gaps which exist for former enlisted veterans in academic and research environments. We seek to ensure that our fellows will be positioned as next generation innovators that are well equipped for both basic and industrial research.

Veteran Assistantships

In addition to our fellowship program, we are actively recruiting undergraduate veteran students as paid hourly research (ex. machine learning, data analysis & processing, 3D printing) and administrative assistants. Please check out our listings here.

Veteran Professional Development Workshops

Working with the Veteran Services Offices at our eight member universities, as well as SVA (Student Veterans of America), we provide professional development workshops in the following areas: Resume Writing, Interviewing, Graduate School Selection, and Strategies and Tactics of Academic Success. Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more.

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