VR Laboratory 2

Exercise 1: the SiO2 bulk + SiOH sheet demonstration: (credit: Sayed Ahmad Almohri in the Rebecca Lindsey Lab)

  1. SiO2 bulk MFI zeolite (1a_Porous-SiO2-Bulk)

The provided structure is made from replicating a DFT generated SiO2 (bulk MFI zeolite). It is a 3 by 3 by 3 unit cell with 288 atom in each cell. This gives researchers insight into how the nanosheet behaves away from the edges. This model was created for designing catalytic zeolite membranes to enhance the efficiency of ammonia synthesis.

Exercise 2: the aramid fiber network + hedgehog particle demonstration: (credit: Ahmet Emre in the Nicholas Kotov Lab)

  1. Hedgehog particle (3b_Hedgehog-Particle-Microscopy)

The Hedgehog particles are engineered to increase surface area and have a wide range of applications including catalysis and energy storage. TEM (transmission electron microscopy) tomography was used as the imaging technique.

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