CHE 496/696 ME595 

Particles and Particles Systems

Instructors: Albert Liu and Nicholas Kotov

Teaching Assistant: Riley Garliauskas

The objective of the class is to develop an educational curriculum for understanding and utilization of particles with multiple scales, realistic disparities, and diverse compositions.  This task entails integration of classical methods of describing interparticle forces and their modeling using different computational techniques with the newest developments in physics, chemistry, and biology of particulate matter.  It also entails the utilization of the new teaching methodologies adequate for the rapid capture of complex collective interactions between particles and quantitative description of their architectures.   Based on the multiple studies on education, teaching, and learning, virtual reality (VR) modules represent the desirable methodology for presenting complex materials, hierarchically organized particles, and dynamic particle systems. The VR effort modules in this class integrate effective pedagogy with multifaceted inclusivity and across-the-globe accessibility.  

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Award No. 2243104.

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